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anonymousatlboy asked 2 years ago

So I’ve been dating my gf for a couple years now and she’s been working this job for a few months. Her boss named “BOB” has been having an affair with another employee which happens to be my gfs good friend. Bob is a married man and his wife found out about his affair with his young employee but still stayed with him saying if he does it again, she will leave and take everything. The dumba** continues having the secret affair. I didn’t care until he’s been flirting with my gf making jokes and trying to make her laugh and stuff. He’s always telling my gf to send snaps of him to her friend and last night my gf gets a very inappropriate text from her friend saying “bob said he wants to watch me eat you out”….. when my gf told me that, I flipped out saying I’m going to go to corporate and get this fu**er fired and what not. My gf is now mad at me saying don’t do that and don’t say anything to my boss or my friend because I need a job and don’t want to lose my friend. What do i do? It’s getting out of hand. I want to kill this guy because he is a huge piece of crap.

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anonymousatlboy answered 2 years ago


Best Boy answered 2 years ago

You should open this issue to your GF. I hope he can manage his boss.