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smark asked 2 years ago

Falling in love can be a wonderful thing. However, starting a relationship can also be very tricky for most men. This is mostly because a lot of men cannot tell if the girl they’re interested in feels the same way as they do. So if you see yourself in this kind of situation, here are some good signs that will tell if your girl is really in love with you or not.
1. Her eyes and expression when she sees you. She often looks at you with loving eyes, a large smile. Her face lights up when she sees you. Just beware, though, that sometimes someone really shy will try and hide her emotions so this sign alone may not be enough.
2. She wants to see you and or communicate with you as often as she can. She’ll want to make plans to see you over and over or eagerly wait for you to make plans (the latter if she’s shy or playing hard to get). She’ll phone you, text you, email you etc for no real reason at all. She just wants to feel you are close; she is thinking of you throughout the day. Those who have a crush on us or love us think of us often.
3. She tells you. She’ll tell you that she likes you or even that she loves you (well if she says that she loves you it’s as clear as it can be!); if not, she’ll say things like ‘I love the way you. or I really like your hair, voice, walk, etc’
4. She is interested in you and your interests. You will be talking about some boring stuff and yet somehow she’ll find it interesting. This happens especially at the initial stages, when she’s in love with you or falling in love with you. Of course, later on she may not be quite so thrilled to hear about your sports team or similar. However, if she loves you, she will be interested in anything deep about you, your emotions, your innermost feelings, experiences etc.
5. She finds you funny and laughs at your silliest jokes.
6. She may want to be helpful in whatever you may need help in (if she can) and she’ll definitely want to share your favourite activity or current project.
7. She seems to be happy around you, more alive, more cheerful than with anybody else.
8. She may be displaying signs of jealousy. Of course, this sign alone may indicate self- centredness only, so it must be accompanied by other signs.
9. She may want to touch your arm, hand, and even be affectionate in public more than she’d be with anybody else.