Why Women Love Bad Boys

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smark asked 3 years ago

What is it about bad boys and how they seem to attract women like moths to a flame? Why do so many women seem to fall for them? Why does it seem like the good guys always finish last?
It seems as though every girl had dated a bad boy at one time or another. For some, it may just be a fling or a way to rebel. For others, however, dating bad boys may be a way of life and the only person that these particular women find attractive. While it may seem to go against conventional wisdom, there are some very specific reasons on why some women tend to flock directly to the bad boys.

Confidence is King– Women like a man who is confident and nearly all bad boys are. As a result, women tend to flock to them because they can sense the attitude and confidence coming from the guy. They also have a very cavalier attitude in all that they do from the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed. It is this whole attitude which is a major turn on to a lot of girls.
They are Indifferent– Most rebels are indifferent to what others think about them. This is another reason why they do well with women because they don’t care what they think about them. If a woman isn’t digging the bad boy attitude, they will just move on to someone who does.
Rebels Offer a Sense of Adventure– A lot of women strive for a life of adventure. Some may feel boxed in when it comes to a buttoned down guy who goes to the office and then comes home at night every day of the week. However, life can be a little wilder with a bad boy. As a result, girls are turned on by the fact that a bad boy doesn’t always play by the rules and life is always lived right on the edge.
They are Mysterious– There is something about a rebel that is hard for women to put their hands on. As a result, they want to get to know them better and try to figure out what makes them tick. In addition, they don’t like the normal guy who does and says all of the same things. With a bad boy, you are always having to guess what might be on his mind or what might come next.
Very Masculine– Just like the fact that rebels are brimming with confidence, they are also very masculine which is a trait which that a lot of women find very hot. These guys get what they want and are also passionate about what they believe in.
Women Feel More Powerful– Being around a bad boy also tends to give women a sense of power which can be very attractive. It is as if the power and confidence of the men rubs off on those who are around him. Because of this, many women find bad boys irresistible.