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kellys123423 asked 3 months ago

i met a man a couple of weeks ago we talk  when I see him at the grocery store hes very shy he looks smiles tries to touch my arm ive never met a shy man and I cant tell if hes playing a game or what  I gave him a valentines card with a note inside 20 things about him kind nice sweet ect and he is worthy of any woman are they worthy of him his friends tell me he feels hes not worthy of any woman and at is age 69 HE HIS DROP DEAD GOREOUS no one would go out with him hes had girlfriends but not many almost like a virgin he doesn’t act like a regular man wont say anything about his personal life I also found out he takes care of his mom 86 a mamas boy he talk that he will date sometime in the future almost when she passes or something comes along he likes march 1I told him that he would never be interested in me and he said I wont say that whats that suppose to me maybe??????? if Im bothering let me know and I will leave you alone he said its ok I told him im having surgery the only thing he asked me is it serious and I said yes  so I called him march 6 at work and asked if he had 10 or 20 minutes to talk he said no im to busy I don’t have time to talk to you at work before after anytime everthing was great the day before I don’t understand this at all if your don’t want someone to bother you why just tell them why this is it because I called him at his job or what????????? please answer I don’t get it I didn’t do anything to hurt him im the one that got hurt HELP ME