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Kelly A Sullivan asked 1 month ago

I met  a guy I\’ll name him Ed we talked at a grocery store for 3 months after 2 weeks of talking to ed I dated a guy named Matt we broke up 2 weeks later he couldn\’t handle medical issues I have 3 days later I started to date Brian Ed and I flirted and yes I thought he liked me he looked smiled called me by name he would go looking for me if he saw me to see were I was he told me he did a week to the day I started to date Brian Ed told me he was to busy to talk to me anymore and walked away from me and never looked back almost slamming the door in my face I didn\’t see him for a month went in and bought some food figuring after all that he wouldn\’t look at me anymore I couldn\’t have bine more wrong he stared at me until I left the store went back 4 times After that and he\’s still looking why why would he bother to look?????. Help please answer and let me know what you think please