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confuseman asked 2 years ago

I’ve decided to move and live in Bangkok, Thailand to be with my future wife.
I met my wife through a singles tour held by A Foreign Affair in Bangkok.
Now that we’re getting married and I want to start a family the thought of expenses has started to weigh on me.
I want us to stay in Bangkok due to living expenses being more affordable compared to living here in California.
I want my future kids to grow up in an environment where they would fully grasp the importance of family and respect to elders.
I want my kids to feel that coming home to us would feel like a natural thing to do and not because it’s the holidays, birthdays and etc.
I guess I’m a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this issue since I also rarely visit my parents…
but after meeting my fiancé and her family, seeing as how they are close to each other made me realize that I want that kind of family too.
I’d like to ask anyone here who’s living in Bangkok regarding employment.
Is it hard to find a job in the IT industry (software engineer with 7 years experience)?
I’d like to get employment before moving.Do I need to be fluent in Thai before applying?
Thank in advance for your input!