I need advice on dating a woman that has a child

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doubtful45 asked 2 years ago

I met this amazing lady through A Foreign Affair. She’s a 28 y/o Filipina with a 5 year old daughter.
We are still at the stage of getting to know each other and have been corresponding at least 3 times a day.
Everything is going really well between us but I am a little taken aback about her daughter.
I don’t mind dating someone with a child at all as long as I know there won’t be any problems with the “other party.”
That’s where I need advice… she did open up about having a daughter, what she does for a living and her family,
but she never opened up about the father of her child.
I need to have an assurance that there won’t be any problems when things become serious between us.
The father of her child will always be a big part of her daughter’s life.
I’m willing to compromise with that, but I need there to be boundaries.
I most certainly don’t want to suddenly get involved in something that may eventually become unpleasant.
I like her enough to want to know about these things. Before things between us become serious,
I want to know where I’ll be getting at. Am I rushing things?
I’d like to meet her in person as soon as possible.
I’m a little skeptical about months long of only exchanging letters.
I want to get a hint of assurance and start from there… I really need advice. Help me!