How to Save a Broken Relationship

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smark asked 2 years ago

Relationships are never easy. When a relationship is not going so well, it can be difficult to find out exactly what is wrong and how to fix it. There are some things you can do to get it back on the right track. First you must determine if the relationship is worth it and, if so,how to save a broken relationship. There are times when some just aren’t saving, but in most cases you can make it work. It just takes some effort on your part.
Pinpoint the problem – It is hard to fix a relationship when you do not know what went wrong.Talk to your partner and find out what’s bothering them. Then settle each issue one at a time.
Perhaps a change in attitude is necessary. No one wants to communicate with someone who is critical, needy, argumentative, jealous, angry, or insecure! Work on aspects of your behavior that you feel needs improvement, and it will help you build confidence.
Listen to your partner – If you want to find out what the problem is, let him or her speak their mind. It’s very important not to interrupt him or her in what he or she is saying when you are trying to defend yourself. You may actually have no idea how your partner is feeling, but communication can change that. Communication is a two way street: if you want your partner to listen when you talk, then you must to do the same when he or she speaks. You have to show respect. Listening will give you the opportunity to learn about their values and expectations.
Apologize, do not blame – No one is perfect so don’t be afraid to admit when you’ve made a mistake. Blaming your partner is only going to make them defensive. Set your ego and pride aside. In arguments, people want to prove a point using force, threats, and intimidation which causes resentment. In this situation, no one wins or benefits.
Step back and look at the situation from a different point of view. Throw out suggestions on how to handle the situation so that it is a win-win for both of you. Try to compromise. Forgive people when they make mistakes. If you have made a mistake, admit it and apologize sincerely.
Understand each other’s personal values – Misunderstandings and conflicts happen when your values conflict with those of others, and when expectations are not met. You can let others know what your values are by telling them.
Share your feelings, ask for what you want and need because people can’t read your mind. Communicate and share your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Open up, and allow them to understand you.
Develop trust – Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Keep your promises. Once people trust you, you can have a healthy relationship.
Many couples stop doing the little things for each other that made them fall in love in the first place. The resources on this site will bring back the qualities in you that result in having a successful relationship. Qualities that include love, patience, compromise, hard work, trust and most importantly, understanding. In cases where you are trying to win an ex back then you also need some careful planning.