How to help my online gf with her family problems?

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gabbyboy asked 2 years ago

I’ve recently been going through a rough patch with my online girlfriend. We’ve been together for about three years now from a dating site called LoveMe. A couple of months ago, her family has moved in with her due to financial issues. Since they’ve been sharing the same roof, communication with her has been quite complicated.
She’s been handling her family problems, and barely has time to contact me anymore. I’ve been worried about how things are going for her and was thinking of ways on how I could help her. I’ve offered to send her funds and things she and her family might need.
But I honestly feel like I’m not helping her out enough. Recently, I’ve been browsing through some plane tickets and I thought to myself if it would best to console her in person. I want to help her out in any way possible but what do you guys think I should do? Aside from traveling to see her, are there any other ways I can try out instead?
I’m open to any suggestions and advice you guys can give me, but my last option is definitely visiting her. I would usually talk to her about these kinds of things but she already has so much on her plate that I don’t want to burden her even more. Please help me out guys, I feel like a sitting duck here.