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Amal Fatroucha asked 2 years ago

There is this guy we had some lectures together, he wrote me around the end of November on facebook he wanted to know more about me so eventually, he asked me out. I was surprised when I first met him we had a lot of fun we almost spent 4 hours together laughing talking and walking it was really good. At the beginning, I thought it just friendship I’m just making a new friend but when I see the way he talks with me, the details he wants to know some of them are even the silliest even when he looks at me it is different. I’m not trying to imagine things but I have a lot of male friends and none of them hugs me like he does, or plays with my hair all the time saying I’m beautiful and this kinda of things or asks me to sit next to him or just to be alone he even would rest his head on my shoulders, my lap or my stomach and would ask me to play with his hair or to touch his face. Maybe I’m wrong but I have assumed that this guy wants something more than friendship and I liked it and honestly I started to like him he is nice kind and polite with me. The last week of 2017 we spent a lot of time together we went out, then he came to my place bringing me a gift even though I didn’t think about buying him a one and he stayed until 3 in the morning we were having really great time. The new year eve he visited again great time everything was ok, cool super. Then we had a discussion he asked me if I’m not bothered by the fact he didn’t kiss me yet I answered him I was thinking the same that he is kinda disappointed cause I didn’t kiss him. And then all changed he became silent he went from sending me movies and songs and talking about kinds of stuff he likes to nothing he wouldn’t even say hi, I waited few days then I wrote him I thought he was upset about our last discussion even though I thought nothing to be upset about he answered he was having some problems. we met last week Tuesday as usual cool great a lot of fun even he kissed me on my forehead twice before leaving. Then again he went to silence I asked him to meet last Friday he said no and that’s it we didn’t talk at all after that I even didn’t connect on facebook for few days I thought he may ask call or do something but no reaction. I don’t understand what’s wrong what’s happened I’m totally confused and I don’t know but now I’m mad at him really mad I don’t know why but it is really weird for me like seriously is it normal, please anyone explain it to me.

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Ribecca43 answered 2 years ago

he cheated on you and you where lucky to have found out.. would he cheat on you again ? no one can answer that question not even your husband. But if he has got a good heart with proper tabs that you keep on him, you would be able to help each other out, for instance if you hacked his phone and got messages he gets on his phone in real time you would be able to prevent alot with a simple call to him, for the fact that there\’s been alot of supposed hackers who are fake the real ones are hard to find but am gonna advise anyone out there to give (hacksecrete@gmail. c o m) the job because i have used him severally and i can confirm to you that he is reliable, efficient and extremely affordable. his direct line and text (612) 361-0692 thank me later.