Am i making a mistake by staying in this?

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mignolet asked 2 years ago

I have been dating this girl for 9 months now and I am having doubts because of everything that has happened in our relationship. I love her so much and care about her beyond belief but I dont know what to do. Here is the jist of our relationship:

Everything was great for the first 5 months of our relationship. We rarely argued and everything was great. One weekend I left for business and got drunk with some of my old buddies. I texted a girl I used to have a thing with asking to hook up at 2am. We never connected and I felt so stupid the next morning. A few weeks later I let my girlfriend use my computer for an assignment and I fell asleep early. She went ahead and looked through all of my messages. She found the conversation between me and this girl and also saw conversations of me and my ex years ago and girls I had talked to before we had met. I went through a bad period of my life where I man-whored a bit when my ex dumped me. All of those conversations were there. She called me out asking if I had ever cheated on her which I havent physically and I said no. She became violent and showed me all the messages she found.

Ever since we have been very on and off, and our relationship has had a lot of rough patches. She has become physically abusive with me (I have never ever laid a hand on her and never would), she constantly yells at me, kicks me out of her apartment and brings up my past actions. I told her if we were ever going to move on that we cant have her bring up the past as Im trying to make a mends of it. 

For the past few months she has physically abused me, she has made me delete my social media because she says she cant trust any females in my life. She is constantly jealous and questioning me every time I pull out my phone. 

This has gone on for a few months, it has gotten better (she has only hit me once in the last month and a half) but she still brings up the past and makes jabs at me. Its driving me insane.

To make matter worse she became pregnant a few weeks ago and just recently had a miscarriage. I feel awful having all these doubts now with everything she is going through. When she got pregnant she called me and broke up with me, claiming she was afraid. She instantly regretted it and called me back. By that time, devastated, I broke down and told my parents everything bad that she had done to me. Like any parents they absolutely despise her. Im at a point now where I dont know what to do. I love her and care about her beyond belief and would love to make things work. I constantly have to hear the disapproval of my parents for obvious reasons and my friends have even noticed at times. Am I making a mistake by holding onto something that isnt healthy for me? My head hurts so bad all the time and im depressed but when Im with her everything goes back to normal. 

Based on what you have read would you ever stay with a girl like this? And if so is it even possible to convince my parents that she is a good girl? Because I believe in my heart that she is.