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cat_woman asked 7 years ago

I need advice please. I am married to a great man. He is everything i ever dreamed of then some.problem is my family,coworkers, friends,etc. They keep telling me i made a mistake; he’s a user and so forth. It is really starting to anger me as he has been nothing but kind and helpful to me and i love him dearly. He has been there for me when no one else was. My family especially is treating him like an outcast. I honestly feel a big part of it is racism (he’s dark). To me skin color doesn’t matter and should have nothing to do with how u treat people!!! I feel as ifi constantly have to counteract attacks against our relationship from my family. It is beyond frustrating anymore. It is unacceptable how they are acting. Question is this: how do i deal withthem? Is it ok in this situation to cut out family for awhile if they refuse to respect my choices or our relationship? I am determined to fight for my marriage. Because as i said i love my husband dearly. Yes they are family but if they refuse to respect our being together i have to make some very tough decisions.