Special gift for my boyfriends birthday?

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Niloo asked 7 years ago

It’s been 4month that we’re in relationship snd his birthday is next month. We’re both photographers. He bought me an old lubitel camera for my birthday on june. I wanted to buy him a camera and lense backpack. Then, once was thinking to myself I came up with an idea. He actually really likes playing electric guitar and he’s favorite type of music is metal, but he doesn’t have a guitar and he doesn’t even know how to play it. I was thinking about buying him an electric guitar instead of a backpack. But I’m not sure if it’s a suitable gift right now. It’s not a long time that we’ve been in relationship and I think that’s a huge gift and also very pricy. But I love him and I want his happiness. My friends told me to not do this cause it’s too much. i’m very confused 🙁