Should I do it?

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Tomfeltonfan109 asked 7 years ago

All I can think about recently is leaving home to be with my boyfriend. I have a history of a lot of mental disorders and have been diagnosed but he helped me get past that. I told myself I wouldnt let just one person be my only happiness but I did. I’ve never felt happier in my life with him and when im not with him, What keeps me going and waking up every morning is knowing that hes there, Hes just made my life so much better and me a lot happier and everyones noticed it. I love him so much, Hes the most amazing guy I’ve ever met in my life and im incredibly lucky to have him. But he lives in Ireland and im in England. We’re both kinda young, But we’ve been together 8 months, It doesnt seem like long but it is, I’ve felt I’ve been with him my whole life and he was my bestest friend before we got together. We’re both very reliant on each other and we like it that way. But its so hard because there are times where one of us really does just need to be held if we’re going through a rough patch, We’ll always get through the rough times in life but its becoming hard to be so far away from him, I’d wait a million years to be with him, I honestly would, Its just very hard and I love him so much, We’d both be so much better off together, Is it worth just leaving? Im afraid of it but I could see myself and him a lot happier if I did