My Friend Tried to Kiss Me

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Amyboz asked 7 years ago

I have been lurking on this site for a bit now but on New Years Eve something happened that I really need some advice on. My friend tried to kiss me. 

I should probably start by saying that I am a girl of 23 and so is my friend. We spend a lot of time together and are both into guys. Well at least I thought she was. It was new years eve and we were at a party together, both single and ready to mingle in our new party dresses. 

After a few drinks we went to the bathroom to put on some make up etc and she told me I looked hot. I thought she was just being girly and nice so I said she looked great too. After we touched up our make up, she grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I pulled away and aksed what she was doing! 

She looked all embarrased and ran down stairs and I have not seen her since. I tried texting and messaging her on Facebook but nothing back. 

What should I do? I still want to be her friend.