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guy125 asked 6 years ago

I need help on what to do I was dating this girl who I really loved she told me she loved me nd most recently she’s told me she’s lost all her feelings for me but while I have bin working and not bin able to go and see her she told me she’s cheated on me with several lads and started to date a lad I know but getting phone calls nd texts saying she made worst mistake or her life and wants me back when she’s alone but around this lad nd his family its always I love him why you lying I really don’t want to live without her nd she know this to the point I sometimes lose my appetite for days and also tried to well to put it in simple terms end myself wish I knew what 2 do am 23 nd she’s just turned 21 oh and another thing a few days before she left me she was talking about marriage nd child names really wish she was clear with me as I have always bin faithful nd helped her out a great deal towards her debts