My girlfriend got pregnant and it all went crazy

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Glen_Zammit asked 3 years ago

So here goes, my girlfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years and all was fine until she got pregnant a little more then 3 months ago. She was fine with it for the first few weeks and we were planning to move in together soon too but maybe a month into the pregnancy and it started going from bad to worse. She hardly ever talks to me she doesnt want to meet, she told me how she hates me for gettingbher into this situation etc and how she doesnt know what she wants anymore. I loved her but all this is pushing me away slowly as i always treated her respectfully and was ready to be there for her in all of this but she doesnt care. She went to a counsellor without telling me and about 10 days ago we went for the ultra sound and everything was confirned that is fine and she is 3 months pregnant, she told her parents and everything and she was like nothing ever happened, she talked to me, we met and told me how she wants to work things out with me. I said ok fine i understand sort of what she has to go through, its worse for her so i said ok lets try and forget about it and try and move on as best we can. Roll on 5 days after and things are back to the same s**t. I got frustrated 3 days ago and said things i shouldnt have and i regret but i never meant any harm, only because i had built lots of frustration and sadness inside me and i broke down. Im not gonna lie i cried, this situation is breaking me completely and its affecting everything i do, all i do is think about whats going to happen which i have no idea. Im completely in a corner, ideally i would love everything will be fine with her and try to move on but im not sure if its even possible anymore even if she wanted to, im gonna be paranoid its all gonna happen again, i cant really trust her anymore, she changes waybtoo often and there is a baby involved which i want so i cant really let her go and move on. Sorry for the long post.