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Houghle asked 5 years ago


i am 22 yrs old and have a massive problem i recently found out that im 8 week pregnant with my best friends baby my boyfriend doesnt know this yet, ive been seeing my best friend secertly over the last 4 months weve fallen inlove with each other which makes it harder to choose the right choice as we all live in the same house as its a shared house of 4 people. 

my boyfriend hasnt got a clue whats going on because hes so wrapped up in his online game, he just thinks i like spending time with my best friend because it gives me something to do while hes on the game but ive completely fallen out of love with him after 3 and half years were not inmate anymore dont spend anytime together because when were not working hes always on that b****y game. my best friend knows about the pregnancy hes really happy and wants us to leave the house in 2 months time so he can find us a home in the meantime hes also asked me to marry him yesterday it was truly amazing feeling so loved but i dont know how to tell my boyfriend its over and that im leaving