HELP pregnant and have 3 kids boyfriend wants abortion

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findaway616 asked 6 years ago

I am looking for advice I have 3 kids f 8,9,11 from prior relationship and am pregnant with my boyfriend of almost 4 years child he has no kids my kids have been living between my house and my parents cause of how much i work and our house is very small we were in process of looking for a big house for all of us and now i found out I’m 8 weeks pregnant the boyfriend wants nothing to do with the pregnancy wants me to end it and if i don’t he will pay child support and be there on weekends to see child but we will no longer have a relationship because he says he won’t be able to handle my 3 kids and a newborn i have never believed in abortion and i don’t know if i could go through it without regrets but i could take chance of being a single mom of 4 kids help i am looking for advice on what i should do or say