Should I repeal the custody agreement?

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QTzLover asked 6 years ago

My dumb phone won’t let me continue typing at the bottom. so I have to type the end/question up here… should I give him another chance at unsupervised visits? Or should I repeal the agreement and request supervised visits from now on? My ex and I have an infant daughter together and a son on the way. I left him a month ago because I realized he was a man-child. Incompetent as a dad or even an adult. Lacks common sense (I.e. puts the car seat on edge of flimsy table w unstrapped baby in it). Before I moved out, we went to a child support negotiation meeting. I agreed to unsupervised visits only because he said he would be better and do better when it came to taking care of the baby by himself. The second wknd he had her, she came back w a skinny n long bruise and her earring hole had dry blood from it that had dripped to her shoulder. Now, even tho my previous child n this baby have never gotten injured like that when in my custody, I understand things happen. So I asked him what happened. He replied “I didn’t even notice that” n ” I have no idea what happened.” Idk what kind of person isn’t aware of their infant being injured like that. So he could be lying. But I know him. Its very possible he was playing video games most of the day w his headphones in. So he could be telling the truth. And if he is, I’m scared he is more incompetent and incapable of safely caring for the baby while unsupervised. I worry even more now since we have another baby on the way. I don’t wanna be the “baby mama” that keeps the kids from their dad. Tests why I wanna make sure I’m not overreacting