Could I be pregnant?! Help!!

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Noelle asked 6 years ago

So two years ago, I had a healthy baby boy and boyfriend. I got the Mirena IUD shortly after my son was born. My boyfriend and I broke up but the couple times we have been together for the baby, its ended with us having sex. It’s stupid of me but I did not make him use a condom cause of my birth control but I am not sure the birth control has done its job. I have not really had any symptoms of pregnancy like with my son. But for a month now, I have been feeling like something is moving inside my stomach. I dismissed it as gas but lately its been more and more. I have not had a period for a couple on months but the doctor said that is normal with my IUD. I do not have any insurance right this second and I am staying with my mom and dad while I finish my medical assisting degree. It’s hard to get my hands on pregnancy test, let alone getting to a OBGYN to get checked. And my ex tells me I am crazy and refuses to help me find out. That is my own stupid fault for shaking up with a guy who is never there for his kid now. Of course he would be willing to stick and run for the hills at the possibility of pregnancy. I do not know though. I am so confused. Could those little flutters in my stomach be just gas or could I be pregnant? Opinions please. Thanks.