Is it just hormones? Or is it over?

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QTzLover asked 6 years ago

This is my third pregnancy… my second child is only 7 months n has the same dad as this coming baby. We broke up during the previous pregnancy cuz he had lots of issues mentally. Before the baby was born he got help so we got back together. It was perfect . I loved him. Then I got pregnant again. Around that time I started noticing how childish, stubborn, dumb, irresponsible, clingy, obnoxious and annoying he is. He is lazy n useless when it comes to taking care of the kids. He is gluttoness, over spends money we can’t afford to waste. And he is a compulsive liar. it feels like I adopted a teenage boy that wants to play video game 12+ hrs a day. No exaggeration. I feel like I wanna call it quits. No doubt about it. But my sister says it’s hormones which I think is bs. But what if she’s right?