Tips on trying to concieve.

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Renderous asked 7 years ago

My man and I have been TTC and we have had no luck so far. We’ve been trying every tip we’ve read. But still no luck. You see, I only get one period once every 4-9 months… My doc says if that’s my normal rutine then that’s fine. “everyone is different”. To me, this is NOT normal. My doc is a huge waste of money anyway and literally doesn’t know anything. Its amazing to everyone that she even has a degree. Anyway, she put me on mirena which I had an allergic reaction to. I’ve had an allergic reaction to All forms of birth control except for microgestin Fe. I’ve been on that for about 9 months. I got off of microgestin to start preping to conceive. I have been on prenatal vitamins for about 3 months now. But getting off microgestin. I never even had any after bleeding. On microgestin i had a period every time. Right on schedule. Getting off microgestin. I haven’t had a period in over a month. As in, I’m over a month late. I’m afraid it’s going back to my old 4-9. I don’t know how to tell if I am ovulating or if I am even able to… I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I only have one insurance so I am stuck with an idiot doctor that literally says she doesn’t know what to do about anything. I need help. All we want in this world is to be parents. But were not knowing what to do anymore.