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ian asked 3 years ago

i have the problem that i feel love for a girl thats 10 years younger than me (i’m 26 she is 16)

and i’m feeling that we are at the same mental age but i’m scared for what the people around me are going to think.

and i don’t realy know if see is in to me, and the distance thats between us is not making it bether also

what should i do? (comming from a long time of being alone in life around 5years)

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Evolzippo answered 3 years ago

Depending on where you are from, you’re going to turn a lot of heads with this kind of age gap. And it’s not so much the gap, as the age groups you both are in.
Are some 16 year olds mature enough to handle an adult relationship? Sure. Heck, Abraham Lincoln had a 16 year old step mom when he was 18. As in, his dad married a 16 year old. There are parts of the world where a girl has been raised to be ready to run a household at 16. 
However, milage may vary on how ready girls nowadays are for a life like that. Just as well, the ages of consent vary widely, depending on where you are from. Even the United States does not have a unilateral AOC. 
There are going to be a lot of people who will say this is illegal. That is largely untrue, except in strictly sexual contact. 
I do know a man who dated a teenager. And they openly stated to anyone concerned, that she wasn’t a virgin, but they had agreed not to have any sex till she was 18. Spending even a little time with them both, it’s obvious they were really in love, and he wasn’t a creep. 
One last thing I’ll tell you is that dating someone that young means you will literally have nothing in common with any of her friends, who will all basically be kids. You’ll be asked by all of them to buy booze, smokes and possibly weed. And you’ll be the chauffeur everywhere you go. Also, can’t take her to bars, can’t have her out past mandatory teen curfew (you don’t count as a legal guardian unless her parents write a letter saying so) and if you do decide to secretly have sex, any evidence at all, even a condom taken from the trash that has both your DNA on it, and her parents may just throw the book at you.
I really do enjoy age gap dating. But it’s not without it’s risks. I do not feel that this would be the best decision to make, but I do feel you are now well aware of the risks, and can therefore make an informed decision.

oliver322 Staff answered 3 months ago


oliver322 Staff answered 3 months ago