My ex is saying slander against me and is destroying my reputation

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Movingalong asked 7 years ago

Before I continue i must first say this is a he/she said converstion and I don’t know how to get her to leave me alone and stop talking c**p about me behind my back. I’ll start with some background; I was dating this girl for 9 months and she comes from an abusive and unstable home. I try and be supportive through out the relationship coming to her whenever she needed me at any time or the day or night. Throughout the relationship her mother would verbally abuse both her and me by talking c**p to both of us. As she was having difficulty living at home my family would welcome her in with open arms whenever she needed to get away. Her mom didn’t like me because i would defend my ex against her mothers horrible treatment and comfort her in every way i could. I took care of her paid for clothing she would need on a high schoolers allowance and never asked for anything in return. We also were in a sexual relationship and her mom would call harrasing me saying that i would have to take care of both her and that she [the mother] would abandon her.  So we decide together to stop having sex and try and strengthen our relationship. But about a month ago we had a fight that started from a simple misunderstanding and which later caused us to break up because her mom convinced her that i was a manipulative guy…  The calls from her mom continued at all hours of the night and day to the point where I was getting panic attacks because it was always something bad. Then we end up braking up because it wasn’t working for either of us and she posts very nasty comments about me on facebook which are both untrue and slander. She said i used her to get in between her legs and calling me manipulative and this is weeks after we had broken up. My friends saw this and are furious because they know im the type of guy to go out of his way to help a person in need and stand up for others. But now i dont know what to do because she is considered “popular” and my reputation is going to be ruined after what she said. What can i and should i do?