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cat_woman asked 7 years ago

I get so frustrated because most times it seems if i actually make freinds with other females I end up getting used!! It isn’t always the same thing.

Before i met my husband girls would hang out with me often only because i had lots of male freinds cause males usually cause much less drama. And often when girls did hang out with me it was so they could hook up with my guy freinds. Of course it ticked me off because usually the guy they hooked up with was the very one i had my eye on.

Also my one freind would always want 2 go online on my phone wen she came over or all we still do is watch movies. I just get so annoyed because it makes me feel like they don’t really value the freindship: but are only my “freind” to see how they can benefit from it. Anyone else have this issue??????

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