why does he continue to lie cheat and destroy his family

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lostnotloved asked 7 years ago

I am writing to let off some steam. Real men don’t cheat lie or abuse you is true. I have only been with all of the above and know no different. My daughters dad is all of the above. He kept telling me he wanted us to be a family but for the last several months he has been lying a lot more to get his way and to destroy me. My heart and my soul went into our relationship and to our family. He has caused so many heartaches its not even funny. I found out he was cheating less than a month ago and called the other woman involved now tonight he decides to lie to me again stating that the event we were supposed to go to together was sold out and I found out later why he said that. Of course he’s got my daughter and his other daughter at the event with his other woman. Turns out he wanted nothing to do with me and all he wanted was to mess with my head yet again. I can’t even believe that he “wanted” us to be a family what a joke! He wanted to play the innocent one and the so called good guy. Hes always going to have other women never going to be happy unless he has everything he wants to look good for everyone cause he has money money doesnt buy you happiness. It’s only a bandade and eventually gets you into trouble. I am tired of being lied to and cheated on. I don’t know if I can trust anyone anymore. I am a single mother of one and I do everything for my child. I will protect her from people who will hurt her. How does one bounce back from an almost 7 year relationship of lies and distrust? Where are the honest people out there anymore? All I want is to be happy and to be loved by someone who can love me for me.