Mixed signals!! Should I be concerned?

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hat27 asked 7 years ago

So I met this guy through a mutual friend’s wedding. At the wedding we kind of hooked up and made out for a while and ended up exchanging numbers. About a week later we went out for a dinner date which went well and we had a lot of fun. We kept texting back and forth but he hadn’t asked me out on a second date even though our mutual friend kept telling me he was into me. Finally (3 weeks later) I asked him if he was free for a movie and we went out again. We held hands and kissed goodbye and yaddah yaddah, again I’m thinking all is going well. The other night we are at our mutual friend’s house watching movies and he and I are sitting on the couch holding hands and cuddling. But throughout the night he was consistently trying to get me to put my hand down his pants, eventually I told him to stop. Now we don’t really know eachother that well and haven’t really spent a lot of time together and I’m just not comfortable taking this “relationship” to that level, but apparently he thought it was ok. I’m confused about what he’s looking for because he isn’t to persistant in wanting to go out and spent time together. Should I end it now before anything more can happen?