wat to tell someone that thinks everyone’s in love with them

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cat_woman asked 7 years ago

I need advice please. I know this girl who is a major attention w***e. First she tells me she thinks her freind (also a girl) is bi or lesbian I was like ok watever. But then every single time i was seeing someone or even talking 2 a guy she would say stuff like..” O he wants us both. ” just because he wanted a pic of the 2 of us so he could learn 2 know my freinds. And one other time it was ” Yea the entire time u guys were talking he was checking me out.” She will also go so far as telling me my style is bad in dancing,music,clothes,etc. She drops broad hints that she thinks she is much sexier than me cause more guys check her out. Weird part is the guys she claims are looking @ her usually aren’t. Even wen my husband and i first met she tried to get all the attention focused on herto thepoint he had to tell her to back off and shut up so he could talk to me.I don’t want to hurt her feelings but i have tried telling her to back off and she acts all sweet n innocent as if she has no idea wat i mean. M tired of it!!!!!!