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loving a girl that is a lot younger
Answeredoliver322 answered 1 month ago • 
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My ex-boyfriend found someone better than me?
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Go to the gym
OpenChicknbut asked 7 years ago • 
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Sick Of Users
Opencat_woman asked 7 years ago • 
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what to do when your partner is selfish
OpenRebecca_Green asked 7 years ago • 
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OpenPatricia_McGuire asked 7 years ago • 
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My ex is saying slander against me and is destroying my reputation
OpenMovingalong asked 7 years ago • 
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Ex-gf hates me so much, but still loves me. Help please?!?
Opensoul asked 7 years ago • 
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Most passionate and hurtful relationship I’ve been in so far
Openwhatsername28 asked 7 years ago • 
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OpenBeckylouise asked 7 years ago • 
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Why oh why is the molecular construction of my chromosomes.
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Openshadowdog049 asked 7 years ago • 
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why does he continue to lie cheat and destroy his family
Openlostnotloved asked 7 years ago • 
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Would your parents support you if you came out as gay / lesbian?
OpenNold1948 asked 7 years ago • 
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Mixed signals!! Should I be concerned?
Openhat27 asked 7 years ago • 
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