Man I don’t even know how to approach this one!

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Sleepwalker89 asked 7 years ago

So there’s a girl I’m interested in, nice girl, a few years younger blah blah blah.  I’m just not sure how to approach the whole flirting thing with her.  I’ve known her for ehh..almost 2 years, and we’ve hung out a few times in groups.  Here’s where it gets interesting —

I was really (REALLY) into her friend for the longest time and I’ve finally gotten over that one.  I’m sure they’ve talked about me before since they’re so close and that constant looming thought is making this one rather difficult for me.  I do legitimetely like this girl, but I’m afraid she might think otherwise or that my past feelings for her friend would get in the way.  She’s not evasive of me or anything, but I don’t really see or talk to her that often.  Any advice on how I could kick this off?  I don’t want to come on too quick or strong or it might seem like a red flag to her…