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weather11guy asked 7 years ago

So there is a girl that I met at work 3 weeks ago, and she is very awesome! Last week monday we spend 3.5 hours outside in the parking lot after work talking and then we hung at her house later and watched a movie while she tinkered around with her guiters, restring them, polishing etc. Last Thursday we took a trip a couple hours away and toured some Tornado damage (yes, she wanted to!!) and we drove around jamming to music, talking and stopped at her favorite tattoo place where I met a couple of her friends there and we hung for an hour or two, came back, a small dinner and back home where I got a hug and was took she had a good time. We have a ton of similarity from liking Star Trek, same music, to the same religious views (agnostic) she is a super rare girl and is amazing, just super amazing. BUT
There are times where I think that she would not be interested, like she cancelled a time to hang cause I guess her parents put her in a super bad mood (she has punched guys and broke bones at times being pissed off) and she does not wait the extra second or two before or after work to say hi even tho we both get to work (5am) very early. One other thing I think does not help either is last week monday she broke up with her bf and next day found out he was cheating on her. I have been there for her, but it honestly did not seem to affect her and she says that she is over him and it was a waste of a relationship, she felt like it never was one in the first place.
So my question is, does she seem interested? Should I ask her out sometime soon? Wait it out for a bit and see where things go? Or just forget about it?