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LittletoLate asked 7 years ago

So I posted a few weeks ago about my ex of 5 years and also the dad to my 4month old daughter. Now he cheated on me in the relationship but thats a whole other story. So I love this guy with my mind, body and soul. He is the only person out of anyone that i trust with anything and he is also the only person i feel comfortable with my body in anyway. He is also the one I lost my virginty to. When I was pregnant I found out I had a STD totally treatable and I did get treated….he never did and still hasnt. I asked him has he has sex with anyone else since we broke up and he said yes which is funny cause hours before I asked he said he dont want to risk me because he still hasnt got tested(makes sense right? no!) and I am not the freakiest person at sex. I am basic most times so what?! Anyways would it be weird to say to him something like ” hey what would you say if I asked you to get tested because I wanted to have sex with you” A: I know it bad because I am complelty still IN LOVE! B: He could be using me….any advice.

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CELINEEN98 answered 1 year ago

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