Why won’t this nice asian guy reply back to me?

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Katelin asked 7 years ago

I’ve talked (texted) with an asian guy a couple years back and we were semi-friends, better than acquantinces. He just started galking to me again all of a sudden and at the beginningwas all excited talking to me, asking me all these questions, and seeing if I was busy or not to go to the movies for a little date thing. But I denied him because I had work that day and couldn’t. We were cvhatting a little after and I kept hinting to him that I wanted to still go out and was free a lot at the time, which would be perfect. I’m not sure if he doesn’t get what I’m grying to hint at, but I decided to take a lead role and ask him if he wanted to attend the carnival in town next week. He didn’t reply. I waited, he likes soccer, so I sent a message saying I was watching the USA soccer team and thought they were really good, and asked if he was watching the game, no reply. I next said, sorry if I’m being annoying but m really bored. He never replied back. I then followed up with a message justsaying”hello?” Since I know he’s been seeing my messages this week just hasn’t been responding I’m not sure what to think. What do you guys think I should say/do? Anything will help.

Thanks in advance