Is he really shy or what on Earth is this?

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Amyboz asked 7 years ago

So, last weekend I went three days on a trip. I didn’t know many people there but I spend a lot of time with a group of friendly and sociable guys. We all became friends but it was only in the last day of the trip when me and one of those guys started being closer with each other. We were all day together and he bought me lemonade and icecream and he was laughing and talking with me.

He seemed like he completely forgot about his friends. He asked me to take the sit near him in the coach which took us back home. So that’s what I did. We laughed a lot and played some flirty little games, we touched our hands a lot and eventually kissed on the cheek as well. His friends made a lot of jokes concerning the fact that he is in love and other silly things about me and him.

He told me that he is sad that the trip is over now that he met me, and 2 days later he said that it’s impossible not to think of me and that his colleagues and friends still continue to laugh and talk about this. We exchanged telephone numbers and he came at my college to talk to me. He also told me not to expect many things from him, as he is really shy. Today I was going home and I met him and his group of friends.

They all began to smile and he felt a bit awkward about them. He didn’t speak many things, but he’s friends nicely talked to me a lot. They still made some jokes concerning ‘our trip love story’. And after they’re gone he texted me saying that he is really sorry because he didn’t talked but his friends wouldn’t have stopped making fun and he is sick of their jokes. And now what I should do? every time his friends we’ll be around he will ignore me what? I do not understand him..