I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

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Olneved asked 7 years ago

Ok. So, I recently hooked up with my friend’s ex-drug dealer. We had sex twice and the third time I went over to see him, he was pissed at me and raped me. That was the 25 th of April. And so I was just keeping myself distant and trying to stay sane, but on the 18th, he called me at 2 am begging me to come see him. I was at a friend’s house helping that friend to detox off of some bad stuff. The dude tells me he has something that will help my friend through the detox. So I ask how much, but the only way he will give them to me is if I go and have sex with him. So I did. I used pot to numb myself until I returned home on the 21st. And my head has felt like it has been in a cloud the past three days. I find myself thinking and dreaming about this guy constantly. I don’t like it. I know the most simple thing to say would be go to a therapist. I do not like them. I have been through four in the past and all but one sucked. Anybody have any creative suggestions?