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hat27 asked 7 years ago

There’s this guy, Sam. We’ve known eachother for a couple years now and have some mutual friends. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on him and he also has feelings for me. We usually talk and flirt pretty often and it’s always fun. Recently we were at a party and ended up kissing for a while. We both really enjoyed it. The next day when we woke up he had to go to work and he hugged me just like anyother time we part ways. But then it’s like I just didn’t exist for him anymore, we stopped talking or really having any contact. I tried but after a while kind of gave up. Finally I balled up and told him I wanted to kiss him again, and he responded pretty quickly saying he felt the same. But then again, nothing for a long time. Now there seems to be a bit of a pattern, we’ll have a very short conversation, then nothing for weeks some times. What does this mean? Should I keep trying to talk to him? Should I bring this up? I’m so very confused by his behavior.