I cant help but be bothered by her.

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Youndep asked 5 years ago

last year i really clicked with a colleague of mine. we went away for a week on a work trip and spent every night up until wee hours talking. when we returned, we met up practically everyday for lunch, coffee, you name it. there was a clear magnetic connection between us. we both expressed we had feelings for each other but it was difficult as we both were in relationships. He was confusing me because I may have left my partner for him had he clearly stated what he wanted, but he didnt. he told me he couldnt live without me, he needed to see me like 6 times a day at work, but when we went away for our summer trips, he sent me a pic of him and his gf embracing.. on my bday no less. when we returned in september, i was kind of sick of it and my bf was really trying, so I told colleague lets keep it professional. my bf and i have had our issues, but staying w bf was the best thing i did. we are now more than happily in love and engaged planning our wedding in Italy and its one year since work trip. Back track to last spring/summer, a female colleague got wind of our attraction and asked me in june. i had been too honest and told her we really clicked and had feelings but it was complicated. since then, i notice her really staring at him. at first, it was to see if he waslooking at me, but lately she’s been smiling at him and giving deep sensual stares. i notice hes been looking her way too. they dont work together so have never spoken. the only reason i got to know him is through trip. hes asked recently to meet me and we had a drink. he still seems into me (esp since we are going away again in may). Like he still tries to flirt and i know he wants more but i keep my distance. still, i enjoy his friendship. and i’ll always care about him. he helped me through alot and i him and i cant forget that. i love my fiancĂ© & my wedding is all that im thinking about. but im really bothered by female colleague and her interest in male colleague. shes a major flirt (she even tried w fiancĂ©). She is also superrr competitive with me. I was oblivious to this before when i was honest with her. shes always watching me too and for the last two months i just go to the gym at lunch hour and keep a clear distance from her. so she stopped going to lunch too. I dont know why but i dont want her near my male colleague even if hes not with me. I just feel such a strong vibe of negative energy from her. why does she feel the need to do that and how can i get over this?