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Antin1978 asked 5 years ago

Hi I will try to keep this post short. I’ve started a new job and in the last month have been come very attracted to my coworker he is quite high up in the company probably more of a boss. He’s older than me but he’s lovely, he’s so caring and kind towards me, and now I find myself attracted to him. He knows when something is wrong with me and asks me constantly if I’m okay he even phones other co workers outside of work to ask if I’m okay he tells them to tell me I can always talk to him. Weather it be work related or personal he wants to know he wants to help or talk to me but recently it was personal and my co worker told him not to speak to me about it. We are hardly ever alone but when we aren’t around the other office staff (mostly women who all flirt with him) he stares into my eyes he gets very close when explaining something I’m pretty much leaning on his chest, there’s always that one extra second where neither one of us move but really there is no need for us to be standing there. There’s been occasions where I’ve been in his office and a co worker has had to come and find me because we’re just caught up talking about everything to do with our personal lives and his childhood. He’s also made out to co workers that we have been together the previous night (although we haven’t) he’s told one of them that he and I are going out to get drunk (she told me he said that and I was confused) she seems suspicious now because of all this and she has picked up on his attentiveness towards me. He’s started touching my arm when we speak, accidentally touching my hands when we work on something, last week he put his arm around me and lent down to me (as though he couldn’t hear what I was saying) he doesn’t move when I need to get past and have to squeeze past him in hall ways etc and we keep having moments where we are really close but not touching and he’s staring into my eyes but he seems nervous, jittery, sometimes looks like he’s blushing. He winks at me quite often now, we talk about all sorts when given half a chance, he winds me up constantly about everything, I said a guy was good looking once he went on about it for days, weeks after the guy returned and his first reaction was to tell me and then tell me why this guy was a loser. He has started mentioning his attraction to other girls – model type girls I assume judging by the place he was at when he seen them …. And hinting things like chat up lines he uses when he’s pissed, he said he needs a young and attractive girl to come with him to a show that’s on. All the women are older than him I am the only young one, he jokingly made it very clear he wasn’t attracted to them though by joking and saying he said young and attractive and they don’t fit the bill. Here’s the bit…. He’s married… Yet rarely mentions his wife around me unless it’s something negative…. He does however speak about his wife to our other coworkers (I’ve overheard him) when I ask about his weekend plans he doesn’t mention her. If on the off chance he does… He follows it up with something negative about her. Sometimes I catch him staring at me, he makes jokes and always looks over at me, he laughs at everything I say, as I mentioned he constantly winds me up so I do the same back. If I say something to another coworker in the room he will have heard and then later at some point will bring it up with me. He makes rude jokes towards me, he has made something I said into an inuendo of us having sex, if there’s something mentioned that could possibly be made rude in anyway he looks over at me giggling and pulling a face where you just know when someone is being rude, he tells me rude jokes that usually involve something to do with me or where I am sitting or something. He’s always trying to get my attention, if a coworker comes into the office he will start joking saying things like watch her (for no reason) he smiles at me all the time he lingers around like he’s about to say something to me then doesn’t. But he does joke with other women I work with, and I think he can be a bit flirty but he doesn’t touch them, or make sure they’re okay all of the time, or talk to them so in depth… I just don’t know. Please don’t comment lectures and things like that I know he is married but I am curious of what his actions mean.