Does he like me and what should I do??!

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Shae asked 7 years ago

I’m currently a student in highschool. I have a friend who started at my school last September (2012). Ever since he came to the school we got close. If anyone wanted to know where he was they coud ask me and vice versa. We were pretty tight at school but not so much over the phone. We went out a couple times (literally!) tho. The thing with him though is that he isn’t someone you can depend on for company, especially when bored. He is all over the place!

Since the start of this year however, I have seen changes. He’s stopped hanging out with me as often and even went a week without even giving me eye contact muchless talking to me even though we share most of our classes. One day he confronted me about it and mentioned how we haven’t been spending much time together. I told him that was his fault. He denied it and said that I was allowing another guy(friend) and a new school mate to take up my time. I pointed out that in the previous year I was attached to my best friend but he didn’t have a problem, his reply that since he was the one “chasing after” me last year I shoud do the chasing now. Let me just point out that I am the girl that LOVES to be chased (not caught tho).

The problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to figure out his or my feelings. Whenever we talk about us, its always as friends. Yet, the way he acts with me sometimes even my good friends believe we are dating. What I don’t like about him is that this minute we’re talking and the next he abandons our convo, crosses the room and begins chatting up (usually) other girls. I’m the type of person that requires undivided attention so this definately urks me! Apart from this he can be so inconsiderate and disgusting!!! Then the next moment so funny and charming and intelligent *sighz* I can’t seem to figure out how he feels about me and even worse, how I feel about him. 

Please, please please help me to figure things out. Thanks!

ps… I don’t WANT to like him :/