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lucky32 asked 2 years ago

I’ve been a member of A Foreign Affair for over a full year now. I’ve been corresponding with few girls. I haven’t joined any singles tour yet either.
The girl that really caught my interest is from the Dominican Republic, her name is Keila.
I’m older than her by 10 years and she’s an amazing girl.
I’ve only had an interest in exchanging letters with her. I’ve decided that it won’t hurt to finally meet in person.
I’ve decided to talk to her about it and she’s really happy. I’ve booked my ticket for the Christmas so we can spend it together because.
I think it would be very romantic.
But there are things I’d like to know…
I’ll be meeting her parents and siblings since she is really close with them. I’m just curious if there is anything that I should do or bring for them?
What is a customary thing to do in instances like this when it comes to Dominicans?
I’m coming as a prospective husband for their daughter in their understanding and that’s fine with me since that’s the ultimate plan.
I would really want it to go smoothly so, getting some answers to my questions are highly appreciated.