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lucky32 asked 2 years ago

Before, I really don’t like the idea of “foreign marriage”. I felt like it’s a waste of money, very time consuming, and a headache.
I had a relationship with a woman from Europe. We broke up a month after we met. I trusted her so much, but she took me for granted.
I had a trauma after that. Right then, I promised myself not to date a foreign woman again.
But that thinking changed when I involved myself with A Foreign Affair. I know this matchmaking site involves dating with foreign women, but I still took the risk.
After attending the agency’s tour in Asia, I met an incredible woman named Marilyn. We’ve been dating for six months already and I can say that it was the best six months of my life.
I travel to the Philippines every other month just to see her. If I’m at the States, I always do skype with her.
I realized that not all women from off-shore countries are that bad. Well, in other areas maybe. I am grateful I met Marilyn. With those months of dating,
I saw not just a beautiful woman but a loving, caring, and selfless woman as well.
I’m confident enough that she loves me.
After a careful thinking, I decided to propose to her next month.
What do you think would be the best way to propose? Do you think it’s time to settle down already?
Do you guys think I should marry her? I hope to hear from y’all.