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oceandeep asked 2 years ago

I’ve been single for 3 years, and almost 35 years old. I guess it’s time for me to settle down. But where do I find my girlfriend? I heard that Asian women are lovable and genuine. I have a friend who has an Asian wife, and they’re living an ideal life right now. So, I want an Asian wife as well!
I used my facebook account to search for some Asian women. I sent messages to them but unfortunately, nobody replied. I came across A Foreign Affair where profiles of Asian women are listed. I also came to know that they do tours in Asia. These women are looking for future husbands.
I’m really curious with these women. Are they even real? Their profiles are really authentic to me! I just can’t take my eyes off these beautiful faces. What attracts me most are the women coming from the Philippines, I heard they are very hospitable.
I guess this is my luck. I still want to inquiry to you guys! Have you ever used a dating service like this one? Do you think I should take part? Thanks in advance!

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Best Boy answered 2 years ago

Yeah, you are right. Asian women are much more genuine and lovely. You can find them by joining online dating websites.