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smark asked 2 years ago

For most guys, starting a conversation with a women that they just met is just so difficult. This is especially true for those who are being branded as nerds or geeks, for they feel that they will be rejected immediately as soon as they approach a women. If you are one of them, read these tips now to find out how to start a conversation with a women.
Be observant of your surroundings– In order for a girl to notice your presence, you should be very observant with the things that are going on around your surroundings. You must pay attention on small details like the kind of outfit she wears, her make-up, her shoes and even on the things that they are holding. Make sure to study the surroundings well, so you will have an idea on what topic you are going to talk to her, when it’s time for you to approach her.
Build Your Confidence– Build your confidence and be courageous enough to face and approach her. Do not allow yourself to be taken over by your lack of confidence because this will just cause you to miss the opportunity and psych yourself out. The key here is to move faster and be confident, and more importantly, do not be afraid of any rejection.
Avoid yes-no question– Avoid asking questions that are answerable by yes or no, as this will just give an impression that you are forcing her to answer you with just one word, which would likely kill the conversation off. If you do this, you will miss any chance to talk further with her. So instead of asking her questions like “What are your hobbies?” approach her with this statement, “You seem very athletic, what kind of sports you like best and how often do you get to play them?”
Your mindset is all that matter– If you really want to know how to start a conversation with a girl, make sure that you have a confident mindset. Remember that confidence is the only key when it comes to approaching any person, whether it is for a date or if you just want to ask help from a stranger.Think positive at all times and ditch all those negative things that has been playing in your mind, because these things are the reasons why you are losing confidence in yourself.

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That\’s great writing so far. I love the tips and tricks. Thanks!