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lucky32 asked 2 years ago

I’m a travel enthusiast. I love exploring new places and write all about it. I love meeting new people, experiencing new culture and traditions. I started imagining how great it would be to travel the world with someone– a friend, best friend… a lover. I’ve decided to do my own research on the chance of romance when traveling. I continued to search further, sites like A Foreign Affair, Foreign Ladies and LoveMe showed up a lot.
At first I thought it was about having a romantic tour with your partner and they offer packages in different countries you can choose from… but apparently it is more on “traveling to meet hundreds of women in the duration of the event.”
Hey! It’s traveling + a chance of finding love! So, the curious me searched more about singles tour and have seen some testimonials. I’ve contacted AFA to inquire more about the nature of their tour. I’m leaning to the fact that this might be the answer.   
I decided to book a package to their next earliest tour which is on Jan. 25, 2018 to Cebu, Philippines. This is perfect because I’ve never been there. I’m very excited because I’ve seen the profiles of women from Cebu and they all have an exotic beauty. Not to mention, their rich hispanic history and amazing tropical beaches.
I want to make the most out of this trip so, I’m here to ask about other places I should visit when I’m in the country and the things I should know about the women of Cebu that are probably not written anywhere. Help me explore the country while I try my luck in finding love!