Will he ever get over his ex?

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mart asked 7 years ago

So, I’ve been seeing (and developed deep feelings for) this guy for a year. When we started seeing eachother he told me his ex was still living at his place (they’d been together for about 3 years) but just as friends until she would find her own place. He never told her about me.

Ofc, this period of time kept a secret was HORRIBLE, I wanted to be with him so bad but we could only meet about once a week… I broke it off once as well cuz I could’nt stand it. But he kept texting me telling me he missed me and so on. So, after 9 months (!) she finally moved out and I thought we would start seeing eachother for real. But no, it all ended with him telling me how bad he felt, almost depressed, and he said he didn’t think he would have felt that way. Like the “scars” were re-opened when she moved out blabla. So it all ended and I was heartbroken.

After 4-5 months, we started to pick up contact again and it has been somewhat an emotional journey. He told me this monday he had issues getting over his past (she does’nt want any form of contact with him though) and that he was thinking a lot about the two of us. I’m feeling really numb, scared to death I will be hurt again but still feel it might be worth ONE more chance. He said we could probably start seeing eachother normally, do dating stuff and start from page one but what should I do? Should I just accept this and let him be the one contacting me or what? Am I waiting for someone who will never feel that I am his one true? I am still deeply in love with this guy!!!!