Will anyone ever truly want to be with me, and love me for who I am?

HomeCategory: DatingWill anyone ever truly want to be with me, and love me for who I am?
savannahxx29 asked 7 years ago

This isn’t the best I can look, or the worst, but it is how I dress most of the time. After being together so long, I never worried what anyone else but him thought. My ex is pictured next to me, and I want to find someone as attractive as he was. I feel like even though physical attraction shouldn’t be the main reason, if you aren’t physically attracted to someone, the relationship won’t work. I feel like I got lucky to find someone that looked as good as him, and genuinely thought I was beautiful and loved me for who I am. Some people will think he isn’t good looking, and some will, but I want someone who is on the same level as he was. I hope I could be attracted to someone else the way I was to him. All the guys that have been interested in me lately are ones that I know just use girls, and really don’t care what they look like, since they tell all of them that they are beautiful, wonderful, etc. I don’t want someone who will tell me what I want to hear, so I’d appreciate if you guys could be honest. I just want to know if the way I am, I can make a connection with someone who I truly want to be with, and who truly wants to be with me. I know that while we were together, he honestly loved the way I was, in every aspect. Now he has at least 3 nice, pretty, normal girls interested in him, and he hardly had to look. I’ve tried and have found no one. I’m afraid I lost the only person who will ever really love me.