Am I being too sensitive or is he just socially inept?

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starry asked 7 years ago

So far, I’ve been on 4 dates with this guy. He’s been a gentleman, affectionate, and calls or texts me every single day.

Yesterday, we went out on another date. Overall it went well.Now, in the past I’ve been to one of his art shows and ended up staying for a couple hours. He mentioned a few weeks earlier that he was having an art show on Thursday from 7-10pm. During the date, he mentioned the show again. He has a tendency to be blunt and seems to be kind of bad at putting things in a nice way. He said that if I do end up going, I should only stay a few minutes because the gallery was very small and it wouldn’t be easy to stand around and chat like last time. I understood at that point, and said sure, that would be fine, I’d stop by.

A couple hours later, he brought up the show again. He said one of his friends, who had been out of the country for a couple weeks, wanted to get dinner with him before the show and if they planned to get dinner, he would let me know so I could join them. We could get dinner, and then I could go to the show and again, he repeated that I should stay for a couple minutes. Again, I said that was fine, just let me know about dinner.

Today, he sent me a text saying that him and his friend were going to get dinner before the show to “catch up.” Assuming that this meant I wasn’t to go to dinner with them, I said that was fine, and asked if I should just meet him at the show later on (at this point, I was still not upset).

He said “yea, like I said yesterday, just stop by. Bring a friend with u so u guys can get dinner before or after bc otherwise there would be no point for u to come all the way out here by yourself and pay for parking for a couple minutes. I mean I wouldn’t do that if I were u haha.” (it’s about a 20 minute drive by the way)

At this point, I got a little annoyed. I mean, I heard him the first 2 times he told me to only stay a couple minute – why does he keep repeating it? He’s the one who invited me initially, I didn’t invite myself. He sure sounds like he doesn’t want me there, right?

So I responded: Ok I’ll c if a friend can come. Thats fine, I won’t stay long lol. I can make the next one if its inconvenient

Him: No no im not trying to discourage you. I can see how it sounded like that. I don’t mind if you hang out for a little
Me: I’ll let u know about it tomorrow
Him: Are we cool though?
I didn’t respond for an hour and he texted again:
Him: =(
Me: yes we’re cool. I’ll c if a friend can make it
Him: Ok, I hope one is.

Is this guy just socially inept? Why is he so adamant about me not staying? I’m not stupid, I heard and accepted his initial explanation that the space was small. So why keep repeating it? I’ve decided I’m not going to the show, but what should I tell him tomorrow? And am I right to be upset?