Why does he act this way and what can I do? No flirting/compliments etc

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starry asked 7 years ago

Ok, I know men aren’t verbal – but still – most of them at least LEARN that women ARE verbal and like to hear compliments, etc from them once in a while.

So, I’ve been on 4 dates with this guy so far. He texts or calls me every single day, and the dates have all gone well, except for 1 thing. While he’s physically affectionate (he likes to hold hands, hug, kiss, etc), and while he is a total gentleman as far as taking things slow, he never says anything to let me know what is on his mind.

What I mean is, when I am with him, his one and only compliment is “you look nice.” I appreciate it, but I feel that while I compliment his looks/personality all the time, he doesn’t reciprocate. I have yet to get the slightest indication of exactly what he likes about me if anything.

Also, we aren’t total strangers – we go to the same grad school and have known one another for almost a year, though only started dating in mid-May. When he texts me, it’s the same. We have plenty of conversation about our days, interests, hobbies, etc. However, he is never flirty. I’m a little afraid/hesitant to be the one to initiate that sort of thing, because he’s a really traditional guy and definitely likes to be in control. On a few occassions, I’ve said both in person and thru text that he’s cute/attractive/good looking etc. He will always either ignore the comment or say “thanks” and change the subjec, but never reciprocate. So, I stopped doing it.

What should I do?