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Amyboz asked 7 years ago

So, I had (another) first date on Tuesday. Went for a drink with a guy I’d been chatting to for a week or so. Got on really well and had a good laugh. When we left he said he’d like to meet up again and then we texted a bit later on. Said I seemed really lovely blah blah and would really like to see me again. I replied saying yeah me too, blah blah and that I was heading to bed. Not heard anything from him since then.

I do realise that was only the day before yesterday but frankly he was a total hotty and we had loads in common so I’m an eager beaver. But I don’t want to be too eager do I.

So, should I wait and see if he gets in touch with me or do you reckon I should make the next move and if so, when?

It’s at this point I feel I should remind you that I am in fact 29 years old and not 13 as this question most likely portrays me to be but I’ve kept this one to myself from friends & family cos I’m tired of having to tell them it’s going nowhere again and again so I have to ask you lot. 🙂